What is Web Accessibility?

Web accessibility refers to the inclusivity of a website, ensuring that it can be effectively utilized by individuals with diverse abilities and disabilities across various digital platforms.

Individuals' ability to perceive information and navigate through website pages can be influenced by their unique abilities or disabilities. A website is considered accessible when it accommodates all users, including the elderly and those with disabilities.

Modern web browsers are equipped with numerous features aimed at enhancing accessibility for all users. These features include support for screen readers, magnifiers, and alternative navigation methods for individuals with visual impairments, limited mobility, or other challenges. Additionally, modern browsers offer functionalities such as full-page zoom, high-contrast color options, and other extensions to cater to users with specific accessibility needs.

For additional assistance with utilizing your computer, tablet, or mobile device, you can explore accessibility support resources provided by leading technology companies including Apple (external site) - Google (external site) - Microsoft (external site).

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